Feedback on icon?

Feedback on this icon I recently created?



Looks nice, very detailed I’d say

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Thank you so much! :heart:

(30 char minimum)

But I suggest you putting a watermark so people don’t steal it. Just looking out for you, man :slight_smile:

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Yeah you’re very correct.
I’ll do that next time, perhaps later.

Really nice! I love it. I know this is a small thing I’m noticing but I suggest smoothing the sharp edge as seen in the screenshot. It is not really necessary but I’m just suggesting. Keep up the good work. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: Oh and another suggestion. Add a rain effect with really low opacity. Again this is just a suggestion and it doesnt make a big change.

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I actually saw this on your social media. I started looking at it and I thought of a few things that bugged me or would make it better.

  • The Police lights: Don’t make them both the exact same.
  • Police Cars: make them different cars or different colors
  • Drift: Add some sort of tire mark showing that the car is sliding/drifting
  • Character: We can’t really see the character inside any of the cars maybe make them more prominent

Over all I really like this and there isn’t much else to say except for great work! :smiley:


I love it.
The way the tire smoke comes off , to the reflective panels , with the lighting.
It is utterly beautiful.

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Wow. You did an incredible job. This looks great! Definitely protect your work with a watermark in the future, especially with work of this quality lol.

The colors, lighting, even the blurred effect on the car are great. Very realistic reflections of light. I have nothing bad to say about this haha Keep up the great work!


Here’s a good suggestion. Make one police light (both police cars) fade away because they flash on and off in real life.

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There’s just a little bit too much blur on the wheel of the blue car.

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That’s very true! I will do that next time, thank you!

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