Feedback on Icon/Thumb

I hope I don’t need to tell which is which.

its yo boy back with another crappy icon/thumbnail made in 10 minutes.
How much do you like it?

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I would like you testing different background colors and maybe changing text to the middle of the icon/thumb

“Hot air ballon” should be pixelated :wink:

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The clouds are a little repetitive. And I agree with Keo try cycling through background colors and text fonts.

I will take your suggestions into consideration but one thing the background color… ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh idk about that it fits the games theme. can you tellme some colors? current color is khaki ish. @keo164 and @Coolsbloxian

Sky blue?

Or something like that,

Mmmm na the current fits the game theme yknow?

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You know how there’s lightning and those grey clouds in the game? Maybe you should put it in to show the player what exactly they will be getting into, just by looking at the icon alone.

Also make the text pixelated as it suits the games style.

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