Feedback on Inferno!

Be harsh! I can take it!

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‘Boosting’ this since nobody has said anything.

ummm, needs 2 players to really check out… or play…

demo mode, as soon as I click on it, I float and die

Looks like a lot of work. Didn’t get to play as one person. But I like the amount of detail you’ve added.

Odd, there should be a map where you land, it always worked before.

You do not know standard game design, but your attempts are commendable. While your game is well designed, its gameplay Is high unengaging. I suggest doing research on it, specifically gameplay loops.

Here an example of how I am using this loop in my racing game right now


Anticipation: Lobby and shop. Anticipating that purchase will cause winning.
Challenge: racing
Reward: winning

Good to know, could you elaborate on what’s ‘standard’?


What’s not engaging? The fact that nobody’s there to play with?

The loop here is: play round until you win, get better gear and powers, play again.

The gameplay is not engaging because it is difficult to utilize skill to overcome the challenging of surviving the fire. I tested your demo and I experienced both extreme lag, and a immense lack of control over my survival. It appeared that it was merely chaotic, with my character quickly dying without the influence of skill, which is not much of a “challenge.”

True! I attempted to add as much skill as I could. Did you try sprinting, double jumping, finding and using powerups, using a fire extinguisher, or buying a gear with your TIX?

I got bored of the game because I stood on a platform that was fully unaffected by the fire. The game ended with the entire map falling at the same time, making it impossible for me to survive. I experienced a disconnect with the experience, and found the gameplay unengaging.

Let’s continue this in a PM. This is very interesting to hear!

let continue it here! this is about any game and engaging and keeping players :slight_smile:

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I was worried about cluttering the thread. The PM didn’t really go anywhere with a discussion. Do you have any thoughts on improving the game?

as mentioned , I could not play, even the demo

I tested recently (few hours) and demo and normal matches worked fine. What do you think could be the issue?

ill try it again tmr and get back to you

@commandshift71 requested that I stop making new posts on Inferno, so this reply is to boost this one to get more feedback. :angst: