Feedback on Inn Showcase

Hello builders and/or programmers. I recently made a showcase using blender and studio and i would like feedback as to what i could improve.
The link is here: The Inn ~Showcase~ [RAR] - Roblox

Below are some screenshots:


Thats all, thank you.


This is really well made!I love the attention to detail and the lighting. Nothing really to say, just wow.


Devils in the details and I’d say you did a very good job! But for a personal preference, add a plant <3

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Really well made!
You could add some stuff to the walls, as they’re looking quite bland compared to the rest.
Good job tho

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You really put up the vibe and mood of the old era. Good job. Can’t wait to see more of your work.


Thank you, Im going to start on a new project now, I will try to improve it in the aspects that I find this project are lacking.