Feedback on interface


Hello! This is my first time successfully making a UI, I’m trying to learn many other skills so please do give me a feedback, and any criticism is acceptable. :happy1:


(Yes, this took me a few hours but it was worth it.)


nice work, but maybe create a border design in the ui might looks a bit better.


The chef GFX is a little too detailed, try a more cartoony style to match the UI style. also I think making the foods on the store side a but more detailed would work better as well, aside from that it looks great

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is that on purpose?
it looks glitchy

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I genuinely love the style you’re going for, and at first look. I right away thought the UI itself is great, it’s just once you look closer you can see discrepancies. Starting with the two obvious differences, the themes are different. In the first one, the chef seems realistic. While the 2nd had a flat and crisp look to it. A way I would remedy this is to make a flat, more cartoony take on the chef, with the toppings following suit. The other problem I saw was the white stripes. They’re not parallel to each other’s GUI. Other thing is, the text seems to be a bit off centered on the block box. Whether it’s the text or the black box, I don’t know.

But I fully support what you’re trying to go with here, all that’s holding it back from a gorgeous and crisp UI is a few overlooks. Can’t wait to see it fully finished :stuck_out_tongue:


add a good borders and reduce the detail for the play UI make it look like cartoonish like you made for the second one

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