Feedback on International Airport

Here is my newest Airport that im makeing. There will be multiple Gate Areas. 2 Jetway Areas (A and B) and one Bus Pickup Area (C Gates). There will be also added a Security area, Viewing Deck and a Main Entrance and a Main Spawn. It will be done soon. :slight_smile:



Outside kinda looks plain maybe add some trees?

there will be trees after the Buildings are fineshed


it looks great. Maybe add some details for the inside like some plants, boxes and things you would normally have in an airport. You should probably add restaurants too since there are a lot of those in the airport.

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there will be also a copy version that will be for sale later on and lots of new other stuff that will be added to the airport :slight_smile:

Looks great! Some areas seem a little bright and some seem a little dark. Maybe change the lighting a bit. Other than that looks good! Good luck building :slight_smile:

Maybe add a few more airplanes.

It looks a bit bland inside and out, Maybe add some hanging roof plants on the inside and some flag poles on the outside to help fix that. Also, the inside needs more colour.

Here comes an aviation enthusiast mentioning everything that’s wrong in there. Please don’t take seriously my opinions.

Let’s go in order. Where shall I start?


Oh, maybe here. What’s wrong with that? That escalator. Don’t do that, it looks ugly… Just connect it via a hallway to the main terminal.

What do we have next? Ah yes, this.

The walls. Yes I do have a problem with the walls. They look way too empty. Add some decorations to it. You can add “Fake advertisements”, like, just make up some random products and paste it in there. It’s better than having nothing. Ever been to an Intl Airport? You’ll see many advertisements hung up in there.

Yes I do have a problem with the main terminal. It’s literally a roof of glass and the lights can be seen floating. Please, don’t make an entire glass roof. Having glass on the roof sure looks fancy, but not a whole piece of Optic Fiber as roof.

The other terminal (the bigger one) is too dark. Maybe add some lights.

I won’t even bother to talk about the taxiways and the runway.
Don’t make the taxiways corners square. That’s everything I have to say.
And please name your runway. They always have the number of where it’s heading, like 09-27.

The outside is very empty. As someone mentioned, add some vegetation, like trees, bushes, and for the sake of God, fences.

Note: Sorry if I’ve been harsh, it’s 2AM and I’m tired.


In other words summing up what everyone has said, it looks nice and all but definitely lacks detail as of now for being an airport. You should look up an airport interior for reference.

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Lol hahahaahaha. Nice joke :). I like it.

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When its done can u post the link to the game

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Maybe try make the floor inside the airport grass? Since ive noticed fabric’s texture isnt very nice for lage and grass makes it look pretty good and also make the grass outside an bit lighter but overall all good! Keep up the good work!

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There is already another project going on. If you or somebody else want to know more then text me via dev forum. :slight_smile: