Feedback on inventory GUI

Hello! My name is mango! I’ve recently found myself extremely bored and decided to make a GUI, because it sounded extremely interesting since I’ve never made GUI by myself before! I would just like some feedback on this GUI!

Please note that the GUI might be streched, I’m not sure, but it should work perfectly! Also please note, I will not be adding other tabs! This is only meant for a inventory button! I tried my extreme best and I think its pretty good! I did not script anything yet.


Any feedback will be appreciated!


Overall it’s a pretty basic GUI, it’s ok, but there’s still changes that you could do to improve it. The first one would be to change the front of the text (calligraphy). Then, you should change the height of the level informations (3x “Level Progress” and 1x “Level Up”), for a smaller value, I’d say about 2x times the current height… That’s personal, but you could change the “Close” button for a simple “X”, it just makes the GUI a bit less heavy to read. You should also try to play with the lightning, there’s different ways of doing so, however, my favorite way to do so is to add a frame which is darker than the current color at the bottom of the other frames. For example, if we take a look at the red “Level Progress” informative bar, you could add a small frame which would be the length of the bar itself, but It would be a darker red and if you do so for each sections of the GUI (the 3 “Level Progress”, the “Level Up”, the “Close”, the “Your Inventory”, the “Inventory”, etc, it would be way better. Another thing is the color of the GUI, yellow is not really a good choice. If you absolutely want to keep it yellow, then fine, however, you should try to go for a different color, normally, you should change the colors in function of what your game is about, what type of colors there is in it, etc, but since you don’t have any game, idk, just… Yellow is a bad choice, honestly. The last thing, you should change the transparency of the background of the GUI, maybe like 0.5, at that point, you just test all the possibilities and find what’s the best for you.


To me, this GUI looks more of like a pinboard with sticky notes stuck to it rather than an actual inventory GUI. I feel you could have executed the “Level Progress” drop shadows a bit better. Usually, I would go with a darker/lighter shade of the color you have rather than a completely different color. As for font choice, I would personally change it as I’m not really a fan of the one you chose, though that’s just me. As well as, maybe make some texts (if applicable) bold or if not then at least bigger, cause it seems like all the TextLabels are the same size so it’s hard to differentiate between texts. For example, the “Insert pet name here” should be bold/bigger and the “Pet Level” should stay the same. Another thing would be to remove the outline around the ImageLabels as it just feels out of place. And basically, everything that @samuelsg has pointed out that I didn’t mention.

Since it sounds like this is your first attempt at a GUI, it’s pretty good!


Okay thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I appreciate it!

I don’t know if this is good or not.

Needs improvement, the font could be improved, the colors don’t match up.

As I previously sayed, try to make the red bars and the blue one thinner (lower the height, since the bars are really thic). Like @BenzGamingz sayed, the front could be improved (the calligraphy of the text). However, it’s already WAY better than previously, continue like this, your on the good way!

I don’t like how everything is just round, it just feels uncomfortable

Its alright for a first time! Its just the colours are so confusing, yellow, red, green, blue, beige, it just doesnt make sense. Id recommend also changing the font and scaling the text, good job for a first time!

Okay! Thanks! I will make sure to do it!

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Thanks! Okay, I have already matched up the colors sort of in the new picture in the replys!

The colors do match up, though, well, except for the backround, but they do look matched up to me. And for the font it will be improved!

If possible, I would be curious to see your GUI after the changes, so if you don’t mind showing what it seems like after all the changes, I’d be happy to look at it!

Okay! I will definitely send it over as soon as possible once its finished!

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Maybe consider making the pictures and the pet name all on one bar? Also consider rounding the edges on the pictures?

Thanks for the feedback, I will take that into consideration!