Feedback on Island

I started working on a small island for a game about ships.
It’s based on the german island heligoland.
Mind that it’s without any detail, it’s a prototype.

Since I can’t judge it myself, what is your first impression? Wrong chosen colors? Anything looking weird?


Looks great! Do you have graphics planned for this game or will you just keep it simple?

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Like sunrays,field of view, etc.

This looks fantastic! Really good work.

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I probably won’t add depth of field or atmosphere density since it looks unrealistic imo
(I used atmosphere here to add water to the horizon without breaking everyone’s computer with even more terrain water)

I can agree with you, dept of field does not look quite realistic but can help. Do you know how when your eye sigh is really close to an object and it blurs the background? For example, when you are reading a paper pretty close, the background blurs. It is possible to make it something like that but can be extremely annoying to players and may not fit your game.

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It looks great. Consider adding a little more variety into the blending between sand and grass when you start to do the detail.

Also, i would add some randomness to the edge of the raised area, currently the ridge it too uniform and sharp. Take some chunks out of it in places, etc.

Also maybe make the ridge not quite so vertical unless its supposed to be manmade and reinforced with concrete etc, natural cliffs will have a slight slope and variation (even if theyve been landscaped by humans).

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Thank you so much! That helped a lot

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I would suggest making the blur higher, so you can’t see as far as you can right now.

I like the design of it, great layout and I like the harbour area. Just try blending the grass/sand a bit more as another comment said.

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