Feedback on Jacket

Heyo! So I was bored and decided to make a north face jacket (without the north face logo) and this is what I came up with

any feedback? , and everything is custom, i did the shading, its not a template, the only thing i used was a part of a north face jacket and copied it.

any feedback?

You can buy it here (if you do buy it I appreciate your support! join the group that has uploaded it and get ranked to icon <3)


are there any pants to go along with it?

uh let me see if we have any that would match well with it maybe this? or possibly this? we dont have a specific match. also thanks for buying it! join the group and get ranked!

I like your jacket! It has the right amount of shadows used on it. And the colors are spot on! I think you did great on this!


I think making combos is the best way to get clothes sales to you (shirt and pants are both needed to be made double the profit so it would be nice if you added something to go along with it)

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thanks! also for the time stamp. it was made in about 10 minutes

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I might make something real quick, what were you thinking?

sweat pants as I usally wear them with it and it helps keep out the cold. (Usally the fabric has a pattern and also has something that you always should look into as not a lot of people do sweat pants.

alright, do you have a reference image? and also what shoes to go with it?

air Jordan’s lowtops with it having a black champion sweatpants (I usually have champion sweatpants but not air Jordan).

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I am talking about winter apparel as I usually wear sweatpants for the cold.

yeah im wearing them rn lol not champions but they black sweatpants they comfy

also give me about 30 mins or so and ill have those out! make sure to join the group :slight_smile:

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this is my personal opinion because this is what I wear and I think making them in the same style that is one basic color and not having too much too look at.

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alr i have my designer making the pants, he just finished this jacket, i just shaded it, its hard to shade so its kinda weird but yeah. just finished the pants

there is now a whole line of different colors in the same style. they are in the store, you can go and buy them if youd like.

I like the jacket. However, I feel like you could a little more detail such as highlights or you can just add something to make it stand out more.

yes, i feel as it is a bit bland myself

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I love it! Maybe add wrinkles and a bit more white shading. :))

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