Feedback on katana

Hello. This is the second weapon I have made in Blender and it would be nice to get some feedback on it.

Any criticism and feedback is appreciated


Very nice. I like the simplistic look, but the blade is a bit too big. The blade should be the width of the handle at it’s largest.


I agree. Katanas have thin blades. Besides that, it looks very simple and nice.


i really like the low poly style :slight_smile: in general this katana is looking good !

I agree with @xXHypotheticXx. Overall pretty good though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Great job, I quite like it, however, I would maybe make the overlap/guard thing (idk names of these) a little wider and pointier at the ends.

Normally, the tsuba is not very big and very round. It shouldn’t be pointy at all and it shouldn’t be very wide. The intention of the tsuba is purely for decoration and holding a blade away from the hands if it’s blocked head on.

The katana overall is very well made and you can tell it has a lot of work put into it. But yes I would make the blade thinner. But it looks really good!