Feedback on Knife Model

Iv’e made this knife model, and it’s one of my first. Any feedback or constructive criticism?


Wow! Looking good! Did you use blender or Roblox studio to texture it?

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I completely disagree, I think that your knife model is amazing!

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I really like how the blade is built. Nice work!

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You did really good, the only thing I would change is the look of the handle. It looks a little dull and would look better with a wood texture and a little bit of a darker brown.


I disagree as well. Considering that @MyHeadisMelting is fairly new to ROBLOX, look man. Small advice here: before judging others, first know what you are dealing with. Otherwise, you are just being hypocritical. I’m sorry to say this but it’s the truth.

And @Cadxsan , very nice model. I love it!


I like the work!

the handle is really fat(fat boi)
and the blade has some weird shadowing, try using auto smooth.
i would give 7/10


Nice!!! I like the knife you made.

Completely agree, I have been on Roblox for over a year, You have been on Roblox for 2 years!

Actually for roughly 8 years. This is just my new account.

Look through the guy’s replies and you will get what me and @Rebellion2895 mean.

Yes, But many people have agreed that his advice would just make the model look bad.

This is the DevForum, Could you please use grammar.
(Because he has just edited his post, It said: “ahhhh yes it is just their opinion”)

Just because you edit a message, Does not mean I do not remember what it said before.

Alright, both of you, stop this arguement. Let’s shake hands and part ways, deal?


Alright! Lets just shake hands then!


Some shading issues on the blade. The handle seems a bit thick and personally I’d texture it and not color it.

Did you decrease the tris on the roblox imported version? It seems like most areas have way less tris overall than the blender version, and i believe that interferes with the shading on the blade. If you didn’t, then you should try doing mark sharp on the details you want the model to stand out on.

Also, what did you export the file as? I usually export mine as Obj, but i haven’t tried or seen what the results look like for other file types.

I like this a lot, however, the handle does seem to be large and the shadowing on the blade looks weird.

For those who think the handle is too fat, here’s a reference image.


However, the only problem I have with the knife is the texture. I cannot see the finer details on the imported version.

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