Feedback on lantern

I have been working on this lantern and need feedback on it.


Personally, I feel like the corners on the top and bottom of the lantern are a bit sharp, if that makes any sense. I would try and make the edges just a bit more blunt.

Also, this is a personal opinion, but I would rather the wire mesh surrounding the candle be made up of images instead of 3D parts, since an image overlay would be more performant than a 3D mesh with lots of triangles. Again, though, that’s more of a personal opinion; in the end it kind of depends on how you would use this item in a game.

Hope this helped!

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Thanks for the feedback, I didn’t wanted to make the corners sharp as if you think in reality it can cut your finger and yes the wires would be cause increase in triangles so image would definitely be better. Thanks again for the feedback!

I love it, and, personally I think the sharp corners are nice, it’s adds to it and makes it look like a vintage sort of thing (I absolutely adore this, I love lanterns and have about 5 in my bedroom)

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