Feedback on latest character GFX


I would like some feedback/criticism on my latest 2 gfx’s. One of them is a personal project and other is one of my first commisions.

Snow Gfx

This Was For A Friends Birthday, He Said He Liked It!

And This Was Made With Eevee :C I Don’t Have The Best Computer.


This Is Only My Second Ever Commission So Don’t Expect Picasso

If You Have Any Questions Feel Free To Reply Down Below!
Please Note I’ve Only Been Doing Gfx’s For About A Month And A Half.

My Portfolio: D3v
Will Be Opening Soon!


Wow they look great! The only thing that I see is that on the second Gfx the shadow from the hair doesnt make sense. Other than that GREAT job!


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These pieces are really nice! I agree with Myalt.

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In the second one it seems like the accessory/item on the character’s back is clipping through their torso. Good work though.

Yea when I was rendering I noticed that. It’s actually quit annoying ngl.