Feedback on latest gfx designs

Please give feedback for these, I appreciate it!

Thank you for reading this, have a nice day! :smiley:



GFX #1: 7/10
GFX #2: 5/10
GFX #3: 8.6/10

Keep up the great work! :smiley:


Thank you! I really appreciate this!

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gfx 1: 5
gfx 2: 4.5
gfx 3: 4.5

itz obvious you are using backgrounds, lighting never matches, effects are too unrealistic, posing is unnatural.

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Thank you for the comment, I will correct it asap!!

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i partly dont mind it, it is harsh but i asked for it so yeah. His gfx is ok i guess

for the first one, id suggest you make it look like the light effects some of the surroundings. I assume that the background is an image, but you could still maybe use some sort of brush tool to add light to parts of the background. I just feel like this would make it feel more realistic. Otherwise, I like everything a lot! Better than what I can do

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