Feedback on latest GFX

Would like to see what i could do better next time!


Looks really good, though i would change the grip on the knife. Good work though! :grin:

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Thank you a lot! I will work on the hand positioning and grip next GFX!

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Few issues; I would recommend fixing the black outline around the entire character as it looks quite weird looking and there are quite heavy shadows? Of course, I would reduce the bright colors as it doesn’t match the background design after all try painting the area over the black outlines to match the theme?

It’s a pretty not bad of an image. The pose and structure is good, however I noticed some black layer around the entire character. I would recommend rendering your character in a 3D program to increase the quality and design.

After all, there is still space for improvements. The bright colors hovering on the character and small parts of the background are quite not needed. The design is quite simple, I would experiment with different color pallet and perhaps lighting techniques.

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Thank you! I did render it in Blender, but used medibang paint to do touch ups. This is my 3rd GFX I’ve made so far, so I’m only a beginner and I’ll take your tips to mind! Although I am a digital artist, and colour has always been a struggle to me! Thank you again!