Feedback on latest map

Hey! I’ve been working on a fan-sequel to a project known as Beyond the Stars by Imperator. I recently finished one of the maps and I’d like to ask for your feedback on the map. This planet is Realtá-9, a humid aquaria planet with staggeringly beautiful waterfalls, towering lily-trees, and is home to the dangerous Uraranhia Eel species. How does it look?


Looks professional, playable, and beautiful! Keep it up!

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Looks really good kinda reminds me of avatar map almost, but one thing try working on the trees a little more. They look a tad bit weird with the rest of the map.

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For me, it just looks like there isn’t enough variety between the trees. Resizing some of them might help with this.

Looks amazing, the only thing is the trees. They look off.

Looks amazing and very imaginative.

This looks incredible! Keep it up! For a suggestion, I’d try adding more structures around.

Looks great! Definitely put in some effort there, great job!