Feedback on lighting effects for Apocalyptic Wasteland vibe

Hey everyone, I need some opinions once more. We are trying to go for a wasteland vibe, but the team can’t agree on lighting settings.

Half the team likes this style:

And half the team wants this:

Please vote Pic1 for the first picture, and Pic2 for the second.

  • Pic1
  • Pic2

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Also, we were wondering if we should put lighting settings available in each player’s settings, so they could choose whether or not to have blur enabled, as most of our team thinks it looks weird and would hurt gameplay, but 1 dude likes it. We were all discussing if it should be player-optional, off by default.

Once again, thanks for your opinion. If you have comments, don’t forget to comment.

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I personally like the lighter ambient better although that’s just a preference.

Well, to be honest, the image in Picture 1 is more nicer.
The lighting there is much more recommendable.

Preferably the lighter one because it shows more contrast.