Feedback on lo-poly guns

I have been making some lo-poly guns in blender for fun

mossberg 500 (shotgun)

ak-47 (assault rifle)

glock-17 (pistol)

mp5 (sub machine gun)

nr.3 (sniper rifle)

rpg-7 (rocket launcher)


pictures in other topic where bugging

Cool guns! Will they be for sale? :slightly_smiling_face:

i wasnt planning on it lol i just made them for fun but i might sell them lol

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Not bad!
Too bland for normal roblox avatars to use, but perfect for blocky minifigures!

I’d buy them if I could. characterlimit

I was going for a more lo poly style so I didn’t add too much detail
I also don’t really know how to add detail to the colours such as scratches or rust but I think lo-poly looks better without those details besides gradients

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ive never really sold models lol but Im not using these for a game so I could

how much would you offer?

Woah, these are super cool! How did you make them? Could you teach me?

im happy you like them
the best way to start making any details build is to get a reference image those help a lot
also don’t get overwhelmed I usually start from one side of the gun and move to the other
also blocking it out is good bassicly just make it out of basic shapes like cubes and cylinders then after you make the basic shape you can add detail

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They look perfect! Perfectly smooth & toony. Keep up your awsome work!

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Idk… I am broke rn so 2kish? Sorry for the underpay.

that’s not under pay lol ill sell them for that

would you do group payouts?

Probably however there will be a small delay. I am still debating on whether I should buy it or not.

ok we could do a lower price if you want

we should probably do a dm instead

The only games I am working on right now is Star Wars so I don’t have a current use for these.

I was thinking of doing commissions some time

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