Feedback on loading screen and intro

(I’m not sure if I used the right tag for this)

Hello Devforum! I’ve been working on a loading screen and intro for one of my games.

I am looking for a clean but smooth and sleek look, this is what I’ve got so far, feel free to leave comments on how I can make this better!

(edit, video was a weird download lol)

How could you tell I was inspired by WRC??? xd


Gui look nice, got any song in background?

Can u send part of script that is loading game?

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Not yet, but I have some in mind, maybe like a modular song, that has an intro looping while it loads, and when it loads the beat drops.

Literally this LOL

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The text saying “Loading Assets” should not move with the bar. It should stay centered. The bar should probably wait a bit before starting to load too.


The blue doesn’t match very well with the orange. Also it seems like the blue is a gradient circle. This gives a more realistic look. Contrasting it with the orange, the orange UI is more cartoony which doesn’t make too much sense.

Hopefully you could take this as constructive criticism to make your UI better.

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Take these colors as an example for the colors I use

On the loading screen of this game, the loading screen moves away in a similar manner and similar colour to what I recreated

The loading bar will take longer when there’s more assets, currently there’s the menu and the menu only.

these are also not my images lol, i’m too lazy to load up the game

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Would personally move the text after the loading screen slightly above its current position, so the player’s Character doesn’t interfere with the visibility of the text.

Oh nah i’m going to be making a cutscene for that, i just havent yet haha

you can simplify the color by lightening it a little more and enlarge the texts.