Feedback on Loading UI

My last post i done a Loading UI, I updated it based on the feedback, If you’d like to give me feedback on this new one, Please let me know

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If you could say some feedback, Please say it, Thank You

Showing the Chat by a Loading Screen……
Not good Idea.

It loads also a bit too long.


The GUI in the middle of the screen looks a bit odd, and it feels kind of unfinished. However, The loading bar looks amazing. Put A game logo or icon in order to cover up majority of the screen. As right now, it feels pretty bland.

6/10, could use some work!

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does it look look choppy and simple to you? Use Tween animations

Alrighty, Thank you for the feedback!

Alrighty, Thank you for the feedback!!

Alrighty. I did use tween animations, Used TweenSize and TweenPosition

I think you should:

  1. Make it so the bar only goes forward, not backwards. Making it go backwards may make players lose patience.

  2. Make a nice transition from the loading screen to gameplay, like making the UI fade out instead of instantly disappearing.

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Alrighty, Thank you for the feedback!

then can u send a video of it getting fixed?

Sure thing, I’ll record it later and send it.