Feedback on Lobby Build

I’ve been working on a new game recently that is round-based and set on an island. To add a bit of variation I’ve made the island octagon-shaped and placed the lobby around three of its sides. I’m kind of curious what you guys think about the placement and the lobby design in general. White is my choice of color because it fits best with the bright and lively theme I’m going for, but I’m happy to try other ideas.

Since the lobby is the part of this game players will spend the most time in, I want to get some feedback from those who would potentially be playing the game.

All suggestions are appreciated.

Here are some pictures (please excuse the poor studio quality in some of them)


I like how you did this design for the shops.

Although most of the lobby seems very empty. I would add things for people to do while waiting in the lobby.

I do like the exterior design with the shape of the grass etc. I would add maybe a few trees and some places to sit down.


Thanks for the feedback!

The octagonal grass area is actually where the different game maps are going to load in and where players will be participating in each round. That’s also the reason there isn’t much to do in the lobby itself – I’m assuming that people will spend their lobby time watching other players play in the continuing round through those large front windows.


Honestly, I believe its pretty creative to have a lobby in this layout as typically I’ve seen games have there lobbies go all around in a box style or have the island (which is your lobby) except you’ll find builders to just design more hills and stuff to go around but I feel like its pretty unique and not something I’d come up as I have the mindset of the mini game being dead on the center.

It sure does has its downsides not gonna lie such as the side of the build I’m not a massive fan of, the colour scheme is something I would recommend working with and I believe overall more could be done on the design/architecture of the building from this angle they make me feel a bit claustrophobic. Would be nice maybe to have an open area like a stadium where you can sit without any walls/windows in the way but also the exterior all three buildings are the same. Add a twist somewhere to however, do not separate the buildings too much in design as it will feel off but as long as you do this I’m sure players will be happy to stay in the lobby until the next game starts. Heck the layout has already intrigued me! Although before I end this reply I do want to say if this is commission work, I must say someone is lucky to have hired you.

This gives me Roblox Battle vibes, I like it. I really like how the players inside the lobby can easily look thorugh the windows at the others, although it might be more beneficial just to have a spectate feature. Up to you though!

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It looks really great! I think you should maybe fill it a little more, and add more colors. It looks a little plain at the moment. Either way, it looks really good.

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I don’t understand the rocks in the lobby;
Players are going to watch the round, are you only able to watch the round from the angle of this stadium?

Besides that, it looks really neat.

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Looks great, it’s very empty at the moment. I like the layout of the shop a lot, in my opinion the lobby overall is very detailed. You have good usage of placement, and great assets.

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Other than what has already been said, the only thing I think can be improved is that it’s a bit bland. There is nothing except variations of white and grey, and it gets a bit boring. Don’t be afraid to use some color and brighten it up!


The rocks are there for detail. I’ve been trying to find ways to spice up the space a bit and that was one of the ideas I came up with.

Also, you are able to watch the map from all three sides of the octagon the lobby is located around. There will also be a spectate feature for more focused viewing.