Feedback on Lobby Part 2

Hey developers

Its me, Dollar, once again asking for your feedback on a lobby of mine
I made a previous topic on this

After reading it, I completely remade it to look original and not too retro
It took me 3 days to polish it off, well not 3 whole days, just, yk

So, now presenting my lobby, I feel good about it

Give me feedback on This one, not the last one


Once again, thanks for clicking :happy2:

Looks great for what it’s suppose to be :smile:

Love the classic roblox vibe it gives off.

Don’t really have much feedback, maybe add more details like sphere trees. It seems like your going for a simple style, which you have done a great job achieving.

Thanks for the first feedback on the topic!

By the way, are you replying to this lobby or the previous one?

It looks great to specially if your going for the OG Roblox Game set up but I’d advise adding more nor just greenery but like maybe some props whatever just add more it’s kind of plain and boring in my opinion. No offense

Like what,

Are you replying to the previous one or this one?
Because tnere are 2 different lobbies

I will remove the link for further misunderstanding