Feedback on Lobby

What I’m working on?

Hello, I am currently working on a future game of mine which started a couple of days ago, and I wanted some feedback on a lobby that I finished just 2 hours ago!


I would appreciate some feedback on what should I change, add, or anything else to make it look better, thanks!


So I think it all looks great!

Here are my only two concerns:

1: The styles of the island and the grassy/mountain area are totally different. While the both look good, they do not match or blend well each other at all. I would recommend you pick one style and stick with it.

2: Both areas are well designed but very bland, you have to keep in mind users will end up spending more time in the lobby than in the “rounds” themselves. There needs to be things for them to do/explore. I always tell people to check out Death Run 2, it has an exceptional lobby,


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll be sure to add those suggestions to the lobby sometime this late week.

Look at the level of detail! I’m impressed.

You should add details to the ground, by meaning the grass. (I’m referring to the 1st and 3rd picture you’ve put.)

  • Maybe adding some flowers, holes, etc.
  • If this will be fitting for a lobby, try adding some fun minigames in between like disappearing plates, an obby of some sort, or anything you desire!
  • You could try to implement a secret area, so it strives players to explore for something in the lobby while they wait.

I really like the variety of trees you’ve added, it looks really nice! Great Job :+1: