Feedback On Login System GUI

Hello! I’ve been working on a login system that requires a custom password and Roblox username. Feedback would be highly appreciated!

Note: This is a project I did for fun and will not be used in-game.

  1. The password takes a custom key non-related to the users’ Roblox account.
  2. None of the users’ personal information will be collected/saved.

I specifically made this to help increase my skill in GUI designing.


I don’t necessarily think this is a good idea, as players may think they need to enter their actual account password, which is against ToS.

I’d suggest making it clear somewhere (unless you already did) that it’s just for the game and is unrelated to a player’s Roblox login.


Why would you want a login system in your game? just asking.

I personally think the UI looks professional, i like it.


Yeah also COPPA doesn’t allow people to collect data on people 13- so…


Very epic good gui but get 4k image would be a lot better and 64 bit :slight_smile:

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4K images get scaled down to something much smaller, they aren’t officially supported if I remember correctly.

Wdym by this one? Sorry if I’m just dumb but I really don’t know :P

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Her is good definition “Color depth or colour depth, also known as bit depth, is either the number of bits used to indicate the color of a single pixel, in a bitmapped image or video framebuffer, or the number of bits used for each color component of a single pixel.”

Thanks for your opinion!

I understand players would possibly enter their account password which is why I put in place something to notify the user that the password takes a custom key non-related to their Roblox account.

I only made this to help increase my skill in GUI designing. I don’t plan on using this for any future games I make or help make.

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Oh ok that clears things up, thanks!

@OsyWare I would say your UI design looks good, I really like the minimalist look it gives off. I usually don’t like real images as backgrounds, but it works out well in this case. It looks like a great design for admin systems, would be very pleasant to use!


That clears up some confusion, thanks for letting me know :+1:
Also, the UI looks really modern and contemporary, I really like it!

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I’m aware it’s illegal to collect data on kids under the age of 13. Which is why I don’t save or collect any of the users’ information.

Also, a reminder that the password takes a custom key non-related to their Roblox account. This GUI will also not be used for anything.

Data isnt a username for a roblox game, it would class as personal info, if this was the case roblox and any other site would be strictly 13+ which it isnt.


Please note that this was written in the post.

They edited that later on to make it more clear.


A login system would be useful for people that have Admin in games. For example, you wouldn’t want a person that hacked into an admin of your game’s account, possibly banning hundreds of players.

I worked on a project like this, and instead I created a NodeJS REST API and connected it to a MySql server. I kept the users passwords in an AES-256 enrypted state and when I needed to compare an inputted password to the users actual password I just compared the encrypted state of both.

Did you use datastores to store the passwords?