Feedback on logo and thumbnail for Ro-Chat

Hi there, I’ve recently designed a new logo and thumbnail for @Ty_ScriptsRo-Chat and I’d like to know what you think of the new logo and thumbnail (the logo is applied on the website already (not in game yet), I’ve only just created the thumbnail).



Frame 11


Well my opinion is that it looks actually interesting! It makes people actually think you can chat in it. Matches the name very good!

Here’s feedback from what I think you can add as a thumbnail

Maybe you could make the messaging screen neon?

Maybe you could make a thumbnail talking about the game with a little photo?

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By the way, if I were you I would add a copyright because I wouldn’t like people copying it.

It’s your game so you make the decisions that’s just a suggestion! :blush:

You already did so scratch the icon part!

I personally prefer a gradient, I feel like making it neon may target it to only gamers

The previous thumbnail for the game did show in game screenshots, I could try to do that though

I don’t see much point tbh since people can just copy it from the website.

The logos do have a service mark on them (which I don’t know a whole lot about, ask @Ty_Scripts about them)

I don’t see much point tbh since people can just copy it from the website.

Ok! The person actually could just convert the picture not showing it. Depending on it’s device it can not show the mark because they can blank it out if they can match the color.


Well the neon was just a suggestion for if it was like a frame of a neon phone case around the chat screen.

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I LOVE the UI but…
“Ro-Chat” doesn’t sound original to be honest.

Just adding “Ro” to “Chat”

Thanks, it’s not my game though lol, I’m only a developer for the game