Feedback on logo design


I made this logo design and I wanna know what I can improve.


That is actually pretty good. Nice job :+1:


This looks great, but there are some weird bits on it.
image image image

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It does that because I put a border and did not separate the border with the circle.

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Also, I do not know why the r is like that :frowning:

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Maybe you can draw over it or something. The r is ok, but those little white lines you can fix easily.

This looks awesome. Great job!!!


I can just put the circle layer over the text.

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This is how it looks with circle layer over it

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Im just gonna make it a darker shade of white.

This version is better as it hides the bits. I know that the bits are from the white circle outline, but this one seems much better :slight_smile:

I fixed the problem for you and made the background transparent because I was bored


I also did the same thing using a brush to paint the white

Looks Great! One thing is add a shape to cover up the white spots near the β€œG” and the β€œM”.

It’s a really cool design.
But I think you should put something in the middle, perhaps an emblem to show what the group/game is about and to make it as a logo for your projects.

The group name is number games