Feedback on logo i did for a tutorial post

im no gfx designer nor i am happy with this but hopefully you like if you dont well okay

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I am not telling you to change the model, the problem is the environment, for some reason i see a black shading; That makes it look like horror or puzzle, and your game is not about that, is it? for something simple the map is fine

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roblox studio graphics in a nutshell

A couple things you could change/improve:

-Lower your FOV for a more cinematic look

-Try adding atmosphere

-The font is a little hard to read (More so the “Chop Things” because it is smaller, the “SLASH” fits the font well)

-Try making the text “SLASH” bigger so its easy to tell the main idea

-Maybe use r15 for the sake of the icon, if you want it to look really good you could use a rig called “dogu-15” (mesh deformation) : Dogu15, a mesh deform R15 Rig [Updated!]

-Try adding vignette