Feedback on Logo

I made this logo in collaboration with @d5_ax


Very nice, what you guna use it for? Looks amazing.

I am using it for my organization Canary Softworks · GitHub

Alright thank, sounds intresting!

If you want any help or more info on me, head on over to discord and add me Kieranl29

clean logo, but it kind of reminds me of the bloxstrap logo

but then again, there is only really so much you can do with the roblox logo


I’d personally use a relatively darker shade of green at the start of the gradient, and use a lighter shade of green as the end of the gradient rather than a less-saturated green, as it looks a little off, but it’s not bad.
The pattern is not very innovative but it’s cool :+1:

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I personally think its horrible since its just 4 rectangles and I’m just not a huge fan of minimalism.

This logo looks alright, nothing too exciting or different.

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Very clean, I like the font you used on the GitHub page also.

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