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Hey there, Kevin’s here!, I made this logo, but I would like some feedback before delivering it, also i think this is my best logo so far


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Did you make this logo using photoshop, and if so would you be interested in helping me make a logo for my upcoming game

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I made it with Affinity designer, sure I can help you, DM me

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Hi, It’s a pretty cool logo, but I feel like a few things can be improved.

This might just be me, but I feel like there are different colour combinations that would work a lot better. Since it’s based on dimensions, maybe a space-themed logo? Just an idea.

I’m not sure what those pillars on the side with fire are either. My idea would be to make it capture a dimension feeling. I feel like having it spaced themed would do a much better job of capturing what this simulator is all about. You can do this by changing the colours, and using particles that make it look like it’s in space! I can’t think of too many ideas off of my head, but I am sure if you look around you could find lots of ideas.

Good luck!

I like the thing, but the is too childish. I feel like the fires are okay, but enlarge them abit just not too much becaus it might make it ugly. I love the green and blue colour scheme, and also the font of the text. The thing you don’t want are the bumps in the text outline. Remove the bumps, and make it just a beveled rectangular outline. Also, the neon lines on the pillars suck, add light things that add depth to the pillars, and make the neon lines not just lines, add a cartoonish glow to them. Also, outline the portal and the pillar with darkgrey outlines.

The design is well made. However, I suggest you use a different combination of color, or at least different shades of green/blue. They’re currently both very bright neon and clashing against each other, which makes the logo a bit too bright to look at comfortably. Another classic sci-fi color combination is purple and blue. GLHF!


Well let’s start off that the poll is kind or weird. Because very good and genius are basically the same, so people only had 2 options, and because of the working of it, “bad”, people really don’t want to click on it, because they think it would hurt. So, next time, use “needs improvement” and more options to have a better sense of what people are saying.

Enough of that, it looks pretty nice! But there is one thing that I would improve on it, the blue seems a tad to bright(with the contrast with the white, of course), maybe darken it a bit?

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There is a line between “very good” and “bad” so I would add a “decent” option to make voting easier.

Sorry, but the logo looks like it has some sort of a filter applied to it to create the colors. The content is also to small, there is too much white/empty space. But if those things are resolved then it will be great!

I don’t want to hurt you but I am voting “bad”, just know that I would vote “decent” if it was an option.

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Just a question.
Do you draw the objects in the icon, such as the flames and the pillars, or they from google

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All made by me, except from the flames

Sorry, I missed to put that option