Feedback on low poly build

I usually build realistic creations, but I wanted to get into building low poly creations due to the popularity, and decided my first low poly creation would be a medieval house. I need feedback/and criticism on what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong.



Not bad! However I’m a little confused by the support beams, as they appear to be placed randomly throughout with no real method to the madness. Consider looking at references.



The roof also seems a little flat for a thatched roof. Medieval architecture usually featured much steeper roofs to protect the structural integrity of the building from rain, which was a major issue in highland European cottages.
Other than that you did a great job, keep it up!


Hey XURN2950,

Thanks for sharing your creation! I think what you have so far is lookin great, but let me give ya my feedback.

Low-poly builds often feature bright vibrant colors, however this case is a little different. Medieval themes often feature a darker tone, and that should be dominant in your piece. Look at giving the base wall color a less vibrant color, but same shade (closer to some kind of grey). Also, experiment with the roof color. I feel like it should be a darker color than the walls. Go for a terra-cotta color at first, then branch out to find the right color for that.

I think you could benefit by giving the impression of a material. You should either do a stone-brick go-around or wood approach for the walls. To add texture for stone/ brick, simply add blocks sticking out in random places around the walls. Also I strongly encourage you to develop a base for the building using a stone texture, because this is very iconic in the style you are attempting.

Final Thoughts
I appreciate that this is your first low-poly house, but I think your approaching it as too large of a project. The best way to adapt to low-poly building is small. Create a small build first with a unique shape, and then you can hone your skills in creating the impression of detail on it. Low-poly builds feature many short-cut techniques to realism often resulting in a cartoon style that gives it signature appeal.

Thought ya might find this useful in inspiration, reference, and learning.

Finally, Best of luck on your project! Like I said, its looking great so far. So just keep experimenting with colors, textures, and techniques and you’ll have a real skill in low-poly builds.


I would add a window here because it seems a bit strange to have all this space with no window.


remove a bottom window etc. It just seems strange to have 4 windows on bottom and only 1 on top.

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Could probably touch up on window colors (yellow or white neon would look nice) and the lantern you made looks nice.

You are on the right track, but theres some things you could improve upon. First, the spacing is a little bit wierd. There are windows on one level but now in the same spaces on the levels above. You should mesure out the distance when placing windows. I also think you could change up the color and testure and make it look better, the best way it probably to just test different ones until you get it right, maybe look at a reference as well.

The overall shape and colors of the house are good but the wood part of the house could be extended outward by a few studs (0.1-1 based on what looks the best) and normally medieval houses have a stone foundation to support it. When you search up medieval houses more than half of the houses have stone foundations.

I rate this 7/10 :+1: