Feedback on Low Poly Building

Hey guys, I built a low poly looking building and I wanted your suggestions on it. What could I add to improve this building, and how much robux do you think it can sell for?

Build Picture


It looks a lot like the inspiration which is good. I would raise the trees though like make them have longer wooden part (not sure the name). Also I think the door handle color should be changed because it is a strange color and also hard to see.


From @C0_le’s picture of the reference image, the feeling an vibe of the building seems short cute and welcoming. Your build seems too tall? Which sort of changes the feeling a lot. Also needs to have the raised walls around the top, but if you think this building isn’t meant for interaction and is just meant to be a visual fill from a far camera, then it’s fine c:

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Nice try recreating the reference, I think this window should be longer.
Trying limiting the height of the building, it looks too big. Make the windows shorter too along with that.
I think you should do what the picture did with the ladder, it seems like it’s floating;

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How do you just, find the picture out of nowhere!?

In regards to the op, You shouldn’t always copy the reference, what I mean is the road looks weird to me. The reference isn’t always the best.


Yeah, I agree with you. That is very true! I just made this as a practice build because I’ trying to get better at building.


Looks good. Basic and clean. I would add a bench like the concept you used.

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Also, these pictures are the first to show up;

Very good pictures to take inspiration from.


Looks really nice. A lot of suggestions have already been made but here’s what I can give you:


  • Is this a side walk. whether it is or isn’t I think you should add a sidewalk
    and change it’s colour from the actual road colour. It could look like this:

  • Maybe add a street light.

That’s about all I can think of right now. Looks good!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

The furthest left window is sticking in too much, you should move it outwards so that the distance is the same amount as all of the front-facing windows.

References pictures are extremely useful. You can use what you see makes the reference picture look good as well as things from your own experiences to create a top notch building.

In this case, the ladder not touching the ground without being extendable is just odd, you should have it go all the way to the ground. There are two rows of windows in the main building, indicating two floors. Yet the door on the smaller building is taller than the 1st row of windows. Just doesn’t make sense.

You should definitely have a boundary splitting the two sets of differently colored grass, looks weird that it randomly splits off otherwise.

The left most item atop the roof looks rather silly without the pipe connecting it to the roof. The walls should be slightly taller, they seem too low for the roof.

Also, Studio has a building in screenshot tool that can be found under the “View” tab.

You can probably sell it for 100-500 robux.

Thats true, but I find pressing shift command 3 more convenient.

Looks pretty good, door handle needs work, add more detail. But overall looks very clean and nice.

Yeah, the door handle really does need work. All it is right now is a single part glued to the door.

Nice build, just work on the scaling of the meshes.