Feedback on Low Poly City

Hey modellers/builders. I made a low poly city recently using blender and some Roblox parts. I haven’t made any roads or terrain yet, right now I’m focusing on getting that low poly style. Let me know what you think, or if you have any feed back!


Looks great! I love the reflection on the windows.

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you should add lighting it makes it way better

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add different type of trees it seems scary :eyes:

Add some variety it looks all copied and pasted, do something with the trees or something but other than that good job!

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I like low poly buildings and this looks great to but try to use more difference in the buildings not everything the same.

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Yeah, I will probably do that but for now I’m just focusing on getting the build done.

Yeah, I will do that, I’m working on some in blender at the moment.

Thanks! At the moment I am working on some new tree’s in blender.

Add other benches because i’m sure that alot of people will say that this is a free model.