Feedback on low-poly map design


I’m currently trying to build a low-poly map. I want to know what you guys think of this terrain style/building style and if they work well together, and whether or not I should continue to build a large map in this style.

What kind of vegetation can I add that won’t cause lag? (I plan on adding a variety of tree types in the near future, so that might help with the nature).

Also, I like the current grass color, but was wondering what you guys thought about the different one, I’m kind of torn between the two. I included a winter style as well, to get your feedback on that too.


Different Grass Color?

Winter Style

Thanks and Merry Christmas, K_reex


This is good! However, the little power-tower doesn’t fit in the area with the medieval home. Aside from that, very good. 4.5 - 5k.

EDIT: I do personally think the first image, and the winter images look good.
On the winter image, I’d add snow on the roof of the house.


The house was intended to be a little lodging, probably what would be like a vacation home in the mountains. Do you have any ideas on how I can articulate this better?

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Yeah, probably on the winter image, as I stated put some snow on the roof.


This looks very nice. Personally, I think the second image with the lighter grass colour is better. You could add little blades of grass (keeping to a minimum to avoid lag).

As for the winter style, it looks very nice. However, it’d look better if there was snow on the trees and the house, even if it’s just a small amount.

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Place stacks of wood logs near the house. place snow over the roof and the trees,


Like some others said, add small blades of grass. Personally, one of the best plugins for grass on parts is this.

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