Feedback on low poly mine build

Hey, developers from the dev forum.
I made this low poly mine entrance for a commission
If you have any feedback or suggestions make sure to tell me.

my portfolio: [portfolio]low poly builder/modeler for hire!(OPEN)


Woahhhhh, this is nice! Only suggestion I have is to add more of those plant things, so the mine can look more vibrant!

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Very nice. Maybe you can change the lights to a less dim color, I feel there pretty bright.

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Make it look a bit more alive by rotating the rails a bit, and make the white “entrance” part grey/black.

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Sure I thought if I make it lighter it would give a more low poly/cartoony style.

Maybe you can take away the blur since it is really strong and will be hard to see etc.

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You mean like the door right? I will change that to a black/grey color.

Yeah the blur of the door is what I meant.

It isn’t really blur it’s the neon texture.