Feedback on Low Poly Pets!

I recently made some pets in blender that took an hour due to mostly the dragon wings and shape of it, any feedback would be appreciated!



These pets look great! I love how they look and how well they fit with the low poly style. Maybe some additions you could add is some basic particles to the dragon. Possibly like a little fire spark at the end of his tail. Other than that though I can’t really think on what you can improve on with these models. Good job!

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The bunny looks awesome! The only thing I would change about the bunny is to make the insides of the ears slightly more pinkish.

For the dragon, the base is really good. I would have added some glow for the eyes and maybe some particle effects like what @Shunnz said, a fire spark at the end of the tail.

Overall they fit really well with a low-poly style!

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Expect from what others have already said, I think that the bunny’s ear should be pushed inwards and have the inner face colored pink as to make it a bit more realistic I suppose ? Other than that I agree what has been said, these look great if you are aiming for a low poly style.

Great work! Hope to see more.

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