Feedback on low-poly restaurant

I haven’t built on ROBLOX for a few months now, so some feedback would really be appreciated! :+1:


Pretty well done. Maybe you can add some cafe-tables near it. Also add some sign to it. You can add also lanterns near restaurant.

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Fantastic! I love the overall look to it! It’s well made! For me, this is a job well done!


Pretty good, I’d probably buy it around 100 robux for a simulator, if I had the robux! 8/10! <3

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Looks good but It looks a little bland maybe you should add a sign at the top or something. It looks though :+1:

Looks good however I would not make the windows fully opaque(not-transparent).

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I avoided transparency to not add extra visual depth. I tried being as low-detail as possible to follow the standard.

I tried to go as low-polygon as possible, but I will take those ideas into consideration.


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looks nice! :+1: Keep up the good work!

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Nice job! Keep it up and make best!:slight_smile: