Feedback on Low-Poly Rock

What do you think about my Low-Poly rock?

If you have any idea! Don’t hesitate to tell me!



The low poly rocks look wonderful, I like how you can see the creases on the edges and the quality of the rocks in general. This wouldn’t really be part of the low poly rock but the lighting is also on point.

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This rock has way too many vertices. You can fix this by using the decimate modifier to collapse the vertices and make it have less overall, or you can use the planar modifier to flatten the rock into planes, reducing the vertices level.


Very nice! The left rock though has a few too many loop cuts in it, giving it a weird effect. You can dissolve the vertices and remove the weird slices. Or use the decimate modifier.

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Looks very good but it truly isn’t low-poly. I would consider creating an actual low poly version of this model and baking the textures so you can get a normal map which will be very useful in the coming months when Roblox releases their custom materials feature.

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Like this?
Or like this?

Those don’t look too bad either but if you want the “high quality low poly” feel similar to what Fortnite or Sea of Thieves does, you are going to have to bake some normals and create a lower poly model.

You can use Substance Painter to easily bake normals and add custom textures.


It looks great! For me, I love having a variety of colours. Perhaps making some parts of the rock darker?