Feedback on Low Poly Scythe (old)

I made this Low Poly Scythe for a game I’m working on. Would love to hear some feedback as I have never made a Scythe before, Thanks.


looks great! The blade looks a little high-poly in contrast to the stick though. I’d also recommend making the blade bigger, however, I don’t entirely know what you’re going for with this, so maybe it’d look great in context.

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the handle looks…
ugly in my opinion.

everything else is great

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Looks pretty good. As @hienlong_phan said I’m not a big fan of the handle. Maybe try auto smoothing it to make it look better.

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Haha, It’s meant to be a little knob handle thing lol. I may switch it up, thanks for the reply

To start off, the blade is great!

I can see you’re going for a generic farmer-esque scythe with a relatively worn down blade, and I love the concept of it!

Personally, I think there’s a bit of an inconsistency in the design overall. The blade looks worn down, but the handle itself looks very uniform, like a processed log. If you want it to match with the blade, I’d suggest a little more of a crooked blade handle.

The little stubs for the hands are definitely a plus, but it wasn’t executed properly in my opinion. I think the length of the little stubs should definitely be longer.

Nonetheless, the idea is there and almost executed well! A little more practice here and there with some references, and you’ll be on track to be a top tier modeler in no time!

My overall rating would be 6/10


Thank you, I have to make a lot of Melee Weapons so I try to not spend TOO long on them lol. I may put some more time into this one, appreciate the response, helps a lot.

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