Feedback on Low Poly Shop

Feedback would be appreciated


Looks very nice!

Maybe you can consider adding some different gym equipment instead of only dumbbells for more varying details?

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From the start it has a good cartoony style implemented to it, while there not much to go on, I have a rather small recommendation.

While in terms I would try adding some bricks on the corners similar to how you see cartoony builds features them you could give them a more define look. Maybe consider placing another window above the gym sign as it looks empty on the left, or you could place some corner bricks there to have a more variety of look its up to you.

With what has been said above would give it a more interesting look instead of looking all repetitive. After all it isn’t bad, has small errors that would improve the quality of it.

Woah, that looks incredible! I am speechless. It’s just amazing! How did you learn to build like that?

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i just used blender, im not very good but i am improving thanks!

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