Feedback on low-poly shortsword

Hello, I recently made this copper shortsword model and I would like to get some feedback to see if I can make some improvements since this is the first time I made a sword 3D model. :grinning: :grin:

What should I change and what should I keep doing for the next time? Please let me know your opinion about it, thanks. :coefficients: (Not the final texture)

(I already thought of making sharp edges, but wasn’t quite sure)

So, I took this picture as a reference to make the 3D model and this is the result:


Any suggestions? :hammer_and_wrench: :upside_down_face:
What are your thoughts on my model? :mag:

  • Legendary Copper Shortsword
  • Broken Copper Shortsword

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I’ll be waiting for your responses, thanks and cya later!! :wink: :wink:


Well done, the texture is unlike what i’ve seen in most games!
However, at the hilt section, you probably should take away part of the mesh, as it sort of clashes with the idea of a hilt.
Im sorry if this doesnt make sense aaaa
But great job!


Well it looks unique even if it was called or made as a “shortsword” i would perhaps add a bit more length to the handle just to give it more of a better shape. Color - textures are being planned out so i wouldn’t comment on that.

Decent for a first ever model made in a 3D modeling software (blender)! I would perhaps give the handle a bit more detail it looks small to be in a characters hand and the top part of the blade could have additional details throughout the build. There’s different ways to improve this perhaps add a hilt design around the tang. The guard looks good i’m just not liking the chunky guard appearance.

As by looking at your sword, you can add many details to the blade to improve it add those curve inside edges on the bottom of the sword, so the rest of the blade doesn’t feature a bland look.


In the game the handle part and the long up it looks weird in the game

I personally think its the broken one as I can imagine legendary having some purple and gold on the handlebar to contrast

The poll options were a joke lol. :coefficients: :upside_down_face:

I just used it to see if people liked it and:

I was asking more importantly about how I could improve the actual shape.
That skin was just a temporary replacement color, but thanks anyway for the tip.

PD: I will upload the new model+skin results soon

I really enjoy the model and it very eye pleasing. This would fit great in a fantasy game! May I suggest though that you should make the handle a little longer and the guard a little smaller. Great job!

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