Feedback on Low Poly Sword

I’ve been learning how to use Blender for the past week and today I made a sword I’m proud of that I would like feedback on.

The Sword:

Time spent modeling: 20 minutes

Any constructive feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


yo thats actually freakin sick


I love the outline, maybe do the yellow part a bit smaller and with a bit more of detail.

Remember that low-poly doesn’t always mean low detail. Keep up the good work :wink:!


Nice! Maybe make the sword’s blade a teensy-tiny bit thinner, and it’ll be ok!

A nice display sword for sure but is it practical? No, it’s not practical but who cares(not me).

Looks good the only thing i would suggest is making the blade a bit longer other than that though looks great!

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I love it! It would look really cool if you made it into a swordpack for players to wear.

This is really good, what videos did you watch to learn how to model this well in just a week?