Feedback on low poly tree

Hi! I usually stick to the programming side of development but this month I’ve started getting into to low poly building. I recently created this tree, your feeback would be great!


It’s actually very nicely done. Perhaps consider changing the material of the leaves to Grass, however it’s perfectly fine as it is :slight_smile:

A branch with a birds nest would look cool.

Sure I’ll try figure something out for that.

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It looks pretty good :+1: and I like how you used multiple different green colours to create a nice effect and make it less bland. Some suggestions:

  • Depending on the style you could make the leaf material grass and the branches wood but if it’s meant to be smooth surfaces, low poly like theme then keep it plastic.

  • Possibly add extra details like roots, extra branch, swing hanging down or different slight variations of the tree (trees with more branches, different leaves, different wood colour, different sizes ect.) to spruce the map up a bit (when you use it).

  • If your going to use this in a low poly map I suggest removing shadows as I feel shadows don’t really fit with the low poly theme.

That’s about all I can think of at the moment, Hope this feedback helped and good luck with future builds.


Thanks you for the suggestions!

I’d recommend you vary the transparency of certain leaves to create a variety and so they look different each time they are rotated. Makes the map less repetitive!

I’m also a programmer and I’ve started some building this month :laughing:! Anyways the tree looks pretty good, better than any vegetation I’ve made. Do you think you could make the branches thinner the higher you get?

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Make the parts reflective to 0.1 or 0.2

Looks amazing! Nice shading with the colour scheme on the leaves, maybe make the texture grass?

Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I’ll mess around with the tree after I’m done with my school work.

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