Feedback on low poly truck

Hello, I have been making a low poly truck for a new project of mine.
I will eventually attempt to try scripting it but for now I am going to start building trucks and trailers.
Feedback would be greatly appreciated.





It’s a good start. I suggest maybe looking at reference pictures and adding more details.


I think I should definitely add more detail at the back. I’ll make sure to use a reference photo for that. Thanks

Pretty good but maybe add more colours and more details it’ll make it look better . Great start though


This looks pretty decent. How about adding some details as what @TmsDevv have said, also add some general details like a petrol tank or a big container, etc at the back of the truck so it really looks like a truck.

Good start though

Also maybe make the edges a bit more curved or roundy if you get what I mean as it’ll make the truck look abut realistic

I’m not really going for a completely realistic design if you know what I mean, I am trying to make them look almost like toys, or from a cartoon. But I do agree with you partly, I will try make some of the sharper edges rounder.



I have taken all of your feedback, and I have added more detail. Is it too much detail?

Thanks again.

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That’s amazing now :star_struck: pretty good work I love it !

Thanks, here is the game link for you.

I didn’t really like the first photo of the truck, but the second attempt on the truck is wayy better! I think you did a fantastic job on this truck! Keep up the great work!

That’s a good start, what you could do is make the windows transparent and add a small, stylized interior. I recommend using a reference, you can go to the toolbox and place a reference on a part so you don’t have to alt + tab to take a small look. Nice model so far though.

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Overall this build is a pretty good start, however, I would add some more detail. Here are some pictures of a low poly truck and trailer for reference. Please excuse the SciFi look of the build.

Note: The quality of this build is very bad, however, it was the best example that I could find.

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looks good, small suggestion, add String Constraints at the back, alot of trailer trucks have them. Its a nice detail to add

Hi, thanks for the feedback but right now I’m stuck on what more details I should add. I’m trying to keep it low poly while at the same time keeping it looking like a European truck. Also that example looks really good, how is it low quality?

Thanks again

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Thank you!

I built that truck about a year ago, and I have improved my building skills tremendously since then, so I know firsthand that it could be improved.

I would add some sort of hitch to the back, as it currently looks somewhat plain.

Okay, will do all that. Thanks for clarifying.

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I think this looks great for like a really low poly style. keep up the good work.

Here’s my updated model

Screenshot 2021-01-07 143820

Screenshot 2021-01-07 143802

Screenshot 2021-01-07 143828