Feedback on Low Poly/Cartoony (idk) Farm

So I basically made a cartoony farm and am looking for feedback/improvements.

All feedback is appreciated!


If you are planning to use this in game I recommend you re-size this, it’s way to small.
I recommend you use this plugin to re-size it

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Wow this is really nice.I think the back of a farm could use a window or something. I like the little garden too. Could you put an animal there, like a horse or a cow? Congrats, looks cool in my opinion.

I agree. Though it is pretty small, it still looks great.

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You never know what he could be using the farm for, maybe it’s for a miniature town.

Oh wow. I’ve been searching for a plugin like that. Thanks I guess!

Looks good but the roof should be a little high and curved

Looks good. What is it for? Keep up the good work! :slightly_smiling_face: