Feedback on main menu for a horror game?

Hello everyone, I’m just looking for some feedback on my main menu. There’s no actual game play, it’s just a simple intermission screen. My game is a horror game and it will be very similar to Granny or Piggy.

Game Link:

All feedback appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile:


It’s perfect for a horror game. I think you really nailed the style. Love it!

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I love it good job on making it :smiley:

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Wow! It looks really good! It’s well done and the animation is running smoothly. Maybe with the “Play Button” not in 1x picture but for example yesterday. And maybe shadows moving on the walls. Then it looks even scarier! But well done. Good luck with your Game on.


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it looks great, good luck :+1:

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The menu is amazing!

The text threw me off a little bit, it looked like a decal from google, no offense.
I suggest making it more, alive, and make it not seem like a Decal.

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