Feedback on main menu UI?

Hi everyone.

For the past two days, I’ve been working on this main menu UI for my game heavily based off Star Wars. I’m going to fill in the dead space later. Thoughts so far?


That’s amazing!! Great main menu UI!


I really like it, although it does have some flaws:

The first frame that says “Welcome” is designed pretty well, but the other 2 frames, “Leap Straight Into Battle” and, “Update Log” doesn’t really for into the background. I would suggest making it more dark themed to fit in.

The border around the frames should be whiter too much transparency.


Woah! That’s a great main menu UI!


So, I already know where this menu is based from. It honestly looks spot on. You could add some your own twist to the main menu screen by making the edges curved a bit. Just a thought, but it looks pretty good for basing it off the original. Good work!

[EDIT] Right after I wrote this, I realized something that threw me off. Shown below, I believe the currency should be on the same level as the “Home, Play,etc” buttons to fit the roblox style. Because in the original, you also had your profile as well as how many friends are online. Since that is not present, moving the currency and level to the same y position as the other buttons would make it look cleaner.



Really cool stuff. Keep it up man.

I’m impressed with this UI. It definitely could be better but overall, it is cool!

Looks awesome, but I feel like Leap straight into battle’s background is too white. The text just blends in with the background. Except for that it looks great. :slight_smile:

Overall really nice piece of work.

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I love the minimalist design, I’d suggest shortening the width of the boxes or making the image bigger on the thumbnail sized buttons as they do look a bit stretched,other than that it’s gorgeous!

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