Feedback on making a virtual disneyland for learning

We’re making a virtual disneyland for learning on Roblox. Would love to have feedback and suggestions on this!

Ottoworld: Making a Virtual Disneyland for Learning!


We’ve reached 8000 DAU players and 300,000+ visits within 4 months of launching Parkour Rangers! Now, we’re moving to bigger things on our next adventure, Ottoworld the world where fun and learning meet! This project has been in the back of our minds this past few months and we’ve started working on making our dream a reality!

Since we’re trying to make learning cool, what better way to do it than in a virtual world full of exciting games and activities? Make Disneyland for learning, where the attractions are games!
Ottoworld is a place where you can explore, play, and learn.

Concept Map for Ottoworld (greybox map)


We have 3 guiding principles: Autonomy , Self-Expression , and Rich Socializing . These principles are what drives us to make the game as engaging for our players as possible. Letting players have the freedom and motivation while playing and learning.


(Image credits: BBC)


Players make their own decisions on what to learn and what to do. Players can be who they want to be, learn about all the things that interest them, and create the experience they want to experience. They can explore the open world and discover new exciting things in our games.

(Image credits: Avatar Customizer)


Players can craft their identities, showcase their adventures and learnings. They can put on a costume like a space cop, a barista, a librarian and so many others become anything they wanna be! They can express themselves in so many ways in Ottoworld.

(Image credits: Roblox)

Rich Socializing

Make friends and play with friends in the world and all the games offered. The games are multiplayer, players can compete and work as a team in games like Parkour Rangers and Fusion Force.


Ottoworld is divided into Hubworlds are themed around different genres. Three are currently in the works: Central Town, Jungle Hubworld and Sci-Fi Hubworld.

Central Town

Concept for the Central Town (greybox map) and its inspiration ToonTown

Central Town looks like the welcoming vibe of a classic American main street. This is where the players start off in Ottoworld. Go to the big library and learn more about the topics we cover in our games or chill out at the cafe and talk over a cup of coffee with friends. The shop shows off some featured items from all the other Hubworlds and includes merchandise clothing to customize your character!

Jungle Hubworld

Concept for Jungle Hubworld (greybox map) and its inspiration Codename: Kids Next Door

Jungle Hubworld is based around the wild adventure genre. The Jungle Hubworld is modelled as a huge tree with tree houses built on it.! Hang out in the Saloon, have a cooling coconut juice, or serve them as a waiter. This is where you can also become a Parkour Ranger! On top of the tree is the Parkour Rangers HQ where players can join a match of the game.

Sci-Fi Hubworld

Concept for Sci-Fi Hubworld (greybox map) and Bank Building Model

Sci-Fi Hubworld is inspired by countless amounts of our favorite Sci-Fi movies, shows, and books! This Hubworld is full of psychedelic colors and neon lights to bring the vibes of retro future aesthetic. Neon lights cover the town with the diner and the spaceship of Fusion Force, the new game about the sun!


All our games in Ottoworld are called Miniverses. Parkour Rangers will move and become a Miniverse within the Jungle Hubworld. Along with building the map of Ottoworld, we’re creating a new miniverse for the Sci-Fi Hubworld called Fusion Force.

Fusion Force

Current state of the Fusion Force Prototype and Gravity Gun Model

The new game in Sci-Fi Hubworld is set on the sun. It’s all about the process of nuclear fusion. Fusion Force is a game where players become a member of the Force and help in keeping the sun burning healthily or else Earth will be doomed!

It features a new mechanic using the Gravity Gun inspired by the game Half Life. Players must work together in order to fuse atoms in the sun and keep it from dying or disappearing completely.

You can play a very early barebones version of Fusion Force right now on:

Parkour Rangers

Screenshot of Parkour Rangers

Parkour Rangers will be moved to the Jungle Hubworld. This essentially means that the Parkour Rangers Lobby is completely revamped into the bigger map of Ottoworld. To our players in Parkour Rangers, fret not! We are working hard to let you keep all of the stuff you already own in the game! Meaning all rewards and bought items will still be in your inventory come the upgrade to Ottoworld.

For the one unaware, Parkour Rangers is our animal saving obby game. You are separated into two teams Zoolers and Wilders and you compete to save as many animals as possible answering true/false questions about fun animal facts.

You can play Parkour Rangers here: NEW UPDATE! Parkour Rangers 🐊 ⚔️ [ALPHA] - Roblox


We will continue to develop this game to the best of our abilities. Right now we are barely scratching the surface of fun virtual learning and we hope to dig a bit deeper into the depths of what fun alternative learning can offer. Please share your feedback and suggestions with us!


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Written by: Booghow, Game Designer at Ottodot


This is nice, however, wouldn’t you get copyright striked?


I would like to make a educational game like that but I m alone. Like if u would help me?

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Your builds don’t match up correctly, I’m not against using free-models to speed up development (If you did use them) but I don’t think using materials in a mostly “Toon” area makes sense, The jungle area needs a bit of work on the models but they are mostly a good start and the sci-fi world has holes in the border, Personally I would have made it more of a floating island.

Overall 10/10 but I would make a few changes to the builds.

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This looks very cool! I like what you’ve gone with, and it seems like a fun experience to be a part of. Well done.

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Thank you for all the feedback! To clarify, the concept maps are greybox maps we’ve prototyped using free models first to get a sense of how the map would roughly look like. We’re working on our own maps and builds right now.

What kind of a floating island do you imagine? Maybe pics for reference? Would love to get more ideas from you!

Oh that’s cool! What kind of educational game do you want to make? Maybe I can see how we can help!

Oh why? Because we use “disneyland”? We use it more like a metaphor to capture the spirit of what we are building