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Hey there! Recently, I’ve tried my hand on map building and came up with this desert~ish map. The type of game I had planned is similar to Blox Piece where there are NPC enemies scattered around. After adding some details like cactus and stuff, it still feels like something is missing, any tips?
Positive and negative feedbacks are greatly appreciated. :smiley:


The grass on those hills stands out, make it look dried or no grass at all. Make some sandy hills too. Also, I don’t see the water in that oasis-ish structure. Maybe add more buildings since one building looks kind of peculiar.


Im not a builder myself but i find it to many diffrent terrain colors and types i can see like a black kind of terrain in some of the hills.I suggest changing it with the blue rock maybe? And maybe make the floor terrain? it would blend with the hills better.


Not bad but needs more detail on the ground.


I think your "Desert-ish Map” looks very amazing, i like the hills and dried grass, mountains as well everything you added to your desert! Map looks quite decent. It well look more better if you added, the details. And implemented them to your map. However there is a couple of things! I’ll add to your desert-ish map, so it could look. More decent and improved, as well i’ll add some houses, sand, mountains, and other details that’s suppose to be! So it could be improved a lot more overall. You have done a great job on your desert-ish map!

Desert Map
Your desert map looks very good, the cactus, dried grass, you implement to your map brings it out more as well the mountains you! Added to the place that’s most needed. However there is a couple of things i’ll add such as vegetation. Your desert map needs some kind, of details to it such as brittle bushes, cat claw, white thorns, prickly pears, yuccas, tumbleweeds, ect. Those are mostly is desert places i would try implementing some of those to your map so it could look more detailed. As well it seems you have buildings added to your. Map however most desert places have villages, wooden huts, grey stoned house, sand houses, ect. I would recommend you add different kind of houses to your! Map so it could look more detailed i suggest you go with the ones i listed, above such as grey stone houses, sand houses, these kind of houses are all ways implemented. Into the desert in different places and then, i would also add some material to some of the, houses so it could look like a desert map try adding. Some stone, adobe blocks, clay, sand, and then it could look dried in the! Hot summer sun try doing something like that as well make. Some of the mountains a sand kind of material, as that’s whats in desert places!!

And as i said above i would go with the details. That’s suppose to be in deserts such as Prickly Pears, Tumbleweeds, Ocotillo, Sotol,Turpentine Bush, Yuccas, Shrubs, etc. These kind of plants are found in nearly! All the deserts of the world so try adding some of, those to your map so it won’t look plain and i see you. Didn’t add the (Desert Rocks) i would recommend you add some i know this would look great. Implemented into your map the layer of rocks, is called pavement, gibber plain or hamada, these mostly fall down mountains! And it carry’s a lot of (silt, sand and rocks) i would just add some, all on the ground and some sand, on the hills and terrain. As you can see below mostly (Desert Maps) have sand mountains and dried up plants!!


Desert Trees
Know you could add some trees around your, map as well different places just. To fit in with the
whole scene as these kind of trees are always! In other desert places such as the Acacia Trees, Dried Trees, Palm Trees, Joshua Trees, Dead Trees, Broken Trees, Desert Willow, ect. Those are mostly in desert places however! I would suggest you add some dried trees and, dead trees just to look good in your map i’ll just go. With those two types of trees and then, if you want to add other vegetation you could. Always add the ones i listed above just see! Which ones fits best into your map i would, just try implementing some of those, (Dried Trees & Dead Trees) because it’s hot in deserts. However great job on your desert-ish map.

I really like all of the details that’s implemented to your “Desert-ish Map” and i think it looks really good, as i said above try adding some dead trees, tumbleweeds, clay rocks, to the desert part so it could look more detailed as, well you could add some more vegetation. If you plan on adding details those are! Some i would recommend you add. Here is a couple, of things i’ll add so your map so it could! Look more better and improved. Overall you’ve done a impressive, job on your desert map looks really decent!!


  • Dried Trees, Dead Trees, White Thorns, Tumbleweeds,
  • Grey Stone Houses, Villages, Sand Houses & Wooden Huts
  • Barren, Wooden Wheelbarrow, Sand Mountains, & Pyramids
  • Abandoned Boat, Little Gray Rocks, Dried Twigs, Logs, Bones,
  • Broken Huts, Dried Grass, Tree Stumps, Wooden Barrels & Clay Houses
  • Camels, Lizards, Scorpion, Brown Clay Houses, Agaves, Box Thorns,

Overall, you have done amazing job on your (Desert Map) these. Are just some details your desert-ish map needs. On the ground area and mountains and some on the rocks. However you don’t have to add all the, details i listed above! You could just add some, can’t wait to see more of. Your work very soon and the different, details you add to your map, anyways great job on your desert map. Hope to see what else you add to the map! Very soon anyways, keep it up!


It’s a nice start and I do have some suggestions:


  • I think the little hills colours don’t match the yellow ground

  • I don’t think the yellow sand should be completely flat, it would fit in more if it had some little hills and wasn’t fully flat.

  • If you compare some of the cacti to the buildings the cacti would be 1 - 2 stories tall.

  • The rocks don’t match in my opinion , maybe play with the colour a bit.

  • Play with the lighting. If you found a more fitting lighting I think it could help improve the game a whole lot.

  • Can you show us a better look at the yellow building.

It’s a nice start and I wish you good luck for your future builds.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. You really made me see what this could turn out with all the variety in decorations, vegetation and all! Looks like you did all the research for me, again thanks a bunch!!


I planned for those areas to be kind of special stages or perches for bosses but if it draws negative attention then I’ll blend it better with the mountains. And thanks a lot for your comment! :grinning:

I felt like giving texture to the ground is too much work but apparently it’s important and draws attention. And for the cacti, I just had it that way to overcompensate in detail but now that you point it out, it really is weird and too big lol. Thanks a lot!


It is a really good map, but I feel like you should add more stuff, like more rocks or more cacti to make it look a bit less empty.

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I love the oasis.

I think its pretty good so far and I can’t wait to see a final product.

Keep this uo and it will be a pretty cool map.

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Looks pretty good so far, however The grass and rocks stand out along with the Yellow building. I would also focus on adding more things the the Desert area as deserts tend to have more plants.

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Take it lightly but combining both smooth terrain and part terrain doesn’t look good, it rather looks like something about it doesn’t fit in.

I’d recommend you work on the foliage and making the main baseplate not that flat, don’t entirely add hills but some bumps or you name it.

Good luck!

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Those hills look great. The main sandy plate, however, does look a bit flat. Definitely change it to smooth terrain and make it more hilly, it gives you more room for creativity, like caves and dunes.

The one building stands out too much - maybe bury it in sand or add some more to make it really look like a civilization was once here.

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It’s a good build, but it looks rather bland. I recommend adding more texture to the sand, adding perhaps tumbleweed, and the map looks very flat. I think that adding these would make the map more appealing.

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