Feedback on Medieval Tower

Me and my two other friends have spent some time on this piece, we were bored, and this was what we came up with. It’s mostly built in unions, and feels low-poly. Any ideas on what I could improve on this tower, any feedback will be appreciated!


Yeah I saw you post this somewhere else and I have to say this is a pretty neat build. One thing I would say is make the walls supporting the tower not so bland. Like add some detail instead of parts on the corners. Also maybe make the top roof more curved and pointy. Other than that good job.


This is not really a low-poly build since low poly mean using lowest part count as possible this is a nice steampunk build if you make the brown part have wood material and change to realistic stand and style it would look great!

The tower itself is very well made and looks professional. You are competent in building though:

It looks slightly off-putting when you look at the tower as a whole. The area I circled looks undetailed and when you look at it, it is like slamming into a wall. Maybe add some free brick textures on it so it does not look so plain.

The tower is amazing. Keep up the great work!

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I think it looks good, could be used for a background model in a game to make a city more filled up with environment to make the game interesting.

(Good work though!)

Hi there! This build looks really nice! It is detailed and quite smooth! I only have a few suggestions for you.

I suggest changing the stairs leading up to the bottom of the tower, to me, it seems to rough and ultimately unnecessary! The windows seem a little off too me, I suggest making the wood inside the windows a little straighter. Other than that, I have no further suggestions! Good job!