FeedBack on Medieval Town

I’m trying to make sure my RPG Village is vibrant enough for a medieval theme! I keep adding props and stuff but feels like i’m missing something. Looked at medieval towns and couldn’t find anything

I plan on removing that blue tent, it’s just their for testing weapon shop.

Maybe I just need feedback from other people to give me a peace of mind. suggestions and criticism is welcomed!

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So first thing I noticed is that fence is seperated, it doesn’t look right at all. Other than that you should add different kind of trees or atleast shapes because currently you are using only one. I would also do some tweaks to houses so they are not that simular but overall good build.


Your build looks very good and I congratulate you on your work. You have spent a lot of time building the construction. You requested feedback (and criticism) and so perhaps you may want to reconsider whether to apply some ‘earthy’ textures to the buildings’ surfaces: wattle and daub, thatch … I think it could possible enhance your great work.

Congratulations on your efforts so far. :slight_smile:


I think it looks great! One minor thing that really bumps it down from a 5 to a 4 in my opinion is the walls. I think you should put a little bit more detail into the town walls. Other than that it looks great! Good work :slight_smile:


Houses look cool but the terrain is flat, and the walls (I would rather use terrain to shape the mountains rather than to use part walls)

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Looks good. I’m fairly new at building myself but I would say it looks a bit strange. You have what looks to be low-poly styled models mixed with quite realistic terrain. Maybe make custom terrain?

Don’t take that the wrong way though, your models look good. :slight_smile:

I really like your builds. However, I think that your trees need to look more different, maybe use different shapes instead of pasting the same trees? Other than that, nice work.

I like building and trees but you should add material and color variety also add some detail to walls

The build looks a bit empty, maybe add more houses and buildings. If you were going for a low detail/ low poly, you nailed it. But if you wanted a more realistic look, add more detail. The terrain is also somewhat bland, perhaps add some rocks here and there and a stream. Hope this helped :smiley:

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Your medieval town looks splendid.
Could you add porches to the houses? If you add a porch you could add extra details such as: rocking chairs, etc.
Next, the fences don’t connect which kinda make the setting of the build a little off. Could you connect them, and if you want you could make the fence look broken.
A few other things you can possibly add:
• Chimneys
• Different types of vegetation: flowers, grass, bushes, tree’s, farms, etc
So far you’ve done a great job!
Anyways, good luck on your build!


It looks amazing, only thing that makes me wonder us why are the fences so spaced out? Also you might want to add some different decoration to the other buildings since they look the same.

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I disagree, I believe it adds more variety than a bunch of fences glued together. However, it could use some variety such as sticking two fences together and leaving others lone.

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Purpose of the fence is to be the fence if you seperate it you are destroying it’s purpose.

If he doesn’t have to be attached, if he needs to block players from going in a transparent pair of cubes can be placed. What I’m saying is space them, but keep them close enough and add some variety.